The Importance of details!

Many times clients will take on a remodeling project(s) without the correct direction. When dealing with a remodel many key factors are left out! Clients and contractors are to focused with project timeframe then detail. I recently remodeled 3 bathrooms for a new client of mine and soaked the wishlist for each bathroom as the detail is very important as a contractor. As time passes materials and fixtures are updated often and your options eventually expands. Finding the right fixture to last a decade can be difficult. I recommended a sensor shower head fixture with sensor faucets as saving water was an important factor for my client. She did not know sensor fixtures was even an option! Many cities require sensor lights now in certain bathrooms in order to pass final inspection, make sure your contractor informs you about all city requirements. Please share your experience with new and up and coming fixtures/designs and styles as it helps others!



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